is the holding company, which controls and manages all the ICT activities of the Commini Group.

Specifically, Humanativa Group 100% owns Isiway S.r.l., HN SAP S.r.l. and HN Poland and owns 60% of Matica Net S.r.l., 60% of Matica Net S.r.l. and owns 51% of HN Blockchain S.r.l..

Company Profile
Innovation through knowledge

is the orientation that constantly guides the activities of Humanativa Group and that the Innovation & Research Competence Centre transmits daily to the other technical areas, thanks to a continuous transfer of expertise through training sessions and direct participation in projects implemented for our customers.

The Technical Department of Humanativa Group is composed, in addition to the Innovation & Research Competence Centre, of the technical areas responsible for the services of:

  • Data Governance.
  • ERP, CPM and AMS.
  • Software Application

Each “technical area”, albeit when carrying out its specific task, draws the necessary skills horizontally from all the participating companies and, in so doing, succeeds in satisfying even new requirements that may be unexpectedly highlighted during the implementation of a project.