Intelligent augmented reality for psychotherapy support

Intelligent augmented reality for psychotherapy support

On 12/28/2017 Regione Lazio Organism has deliberated to finance our research project “Intelligent augmented reality for psychotherapy support “ aimed to develop technics to support behavioral and cognitive psychotherapy treatments.


The project aims to implement an integrated platform in Augmented Reality fields based on  Microsoft Hololens, enabling, through artificial intelligence algorithms, the environment remodulation or various functionalities depending on the patient’s mood and tastes. By means of video analysis algorithms, which analyze the surrounding environment, and according to the patient’s actions, Machine Learning algorithms could re-modulate images and various functionalities, increasing cognitive interactions and perceptions.


The purpose of the project is the development of a platform able to support behavioral and cognitive psychotherapy treatments.

In the experimental phase, will be developed and configured a solution to support palliative therapies for teenagers patient’s debilitating pathologies. The idea is to turn a hospital, or other health care places, into a “magical world” for the children, thanks to the use of glasses devices that, through augmented reality, turn an aseptic and sad world into a funny place, full of colors, animals and drawings, according to the mood, gender and proper tastes of the young patient.

The intent of this approach is to give to the young patients the possibility to fly with the imagination, so getting out from the hospital and from the health problem they are living. Moreover, the environment is enriched by interactive and educational games that can guide and explain what’s going on, up to the possibility of watching to cartoons  that interacts with the real environment.
Results of the project are the research and development of a prototype platform that is able to support a series of behavioral and cognitive psychotherapy treatments, through:

– “Augmented reality”.
– behavioral and cognitive analysis systems based on Machine Learning.
– Video analysis systems, to increase interaction with the environment.


The project grant amounts to € 329,592.18 –  <Avviso Pubblico “LIFE 2020” – POR FESR LAZIO 2014-2010 (>.

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