Born mainly for digital monetary transactions without intermediaries, the Blockchain is characterized as an advanced method of certification that is expanding thanks to its high anti-counterfeiting reliability.

It can be used to certify many aspects such as: trademarks, certificates, luxury items, medical examinations, work references and everything that must be uniquely certified.
Certificates can also represent the ownership of a physical or digital asset.

There are two main public circuits: Bitcoin and Ethereum.


Our offer:


  • Enterprise Whitelabel tokenization:  cryptocurrency wallet, hybrid decentralized exchange, creation of digital assets in blockchain.
  • Development of new blockchains, smartcontract decentralized applications and interoperability crossblockchain.
  • Security audit for smartcontract in blockchain.
  • Whitelabel platform KYC & AML web and mobile.
  • Cryptocurrency payment systems.
  • Realization of notarization systems in blockchain.