For some time now we have been talking about “data-driven organizations”, meaning those organizations that no longer base their choices on pure intuition or personal experience but according to a data-driven process or activity.

In other words, decisions are made on the basis of increasingly sophisticated analyses and carried out through the processing of large volumes of data that must have indisputable quality and reliability characteristics.


The Humanativa Group Data Governance offer is aimed at those organizations that want to enhance their information assets by making them an asset on which to base their actions, aimed at increasing their commercial penetration and improving their internal efficiency at the same time.


Our proposal is a set of processes, technologies and organizational models aimed at ensuring the quality, reliability and internal coherence of company data and able to cover the entire  “data value chain” from its conceptualization within the organization, to its fruition on the form of knowledge.


Our dedicated Competence Centre is characterized by the following capabilities:


  • Specializations and certifications on the main market technologies.
  • Support Services and Application Maintenance in SAAS.
  • Data Integration Solutions.
  • Data Quality.
  • Master Data Management.
  • Data Warehouse.
  • Migrations of technology platforms for Opex cost reduction.


The issue of Data Governance has become increasingly important with the advent of BIG DATA. The enormous amount of data generated by different devices (traditional devices, tablets, smartphones, sensors, etc.) and new “sources” (the world of social media on everything), has greatly amplified the problems dealt with by Data Governance, in particular for the characteristics of quality and reliability required, but at the same time highlighting the need to face a further issue of the organization and historicization of structured and unstructured data.


The Humanativa Group BIG DATA offer, drawing on its experience in Data Governance, uses state-of-the-art methods and tools to design and engineer secure, efficient and high-performance Big Data architectures in all phases of acquisition, manipulation and data display.


Furthermore, we have the necessary skills to create advanced data analytics systems, employing a team of researchers and data scientists able to design and implement advanced algorithms through the use of “machine learning” systems.


Our dedicated Competence Centre is characterized by the following capabilities:


  • Specializations and certifications on the main market technologies.
  • Support Services and Application Maintenance in SAAS.
  • Big Data Integration Solutions.
  • Data Analytics.


In a vision with a data-oriented approach to IT systems, ERP systems outline the main engines for generating and manipulating data at an operational level; they represent, in essence, the first link in the “data value chain”.


The Humanativa Group ERP offer uses expertise for specialist advice and for the implementation of projects in the most widespread and consolidated software platforms on the market, such as SAP and ORACLE APPLICATION.


In particular, through the subsidiary ISIWAY S.r.l., we are certified as a Gold Partner of ORACLE with an expert team highly qualified in the main modules such as FINANCIAL, PURCHASE ORDERS, WAREHOUSE and HUMAN RESOURCES.


The SAP team is characterized by skills in both functional and process areas, and in the development of new functionalities and customizations in the ABAP environment.


Our dedicated Competence Centre is characterized by the following capabilities:


  • Analysis and review of business processes.
  • Design and implementation of integrated Oracle Application and SAP solutions.
  • Support and assistance services.


CORPORATE PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT is the area of business intelligence (BI) involved in monitoring and managing business performance based on key performance indicators (KPI) such as revenue, return on investment (ROI), overheads and operating costs. It represents one of the most recent and advanced “synthesis systems” – able to support the Top Management in reaching strategic decisions using historic data bases such as input for forecasting, budgeting and planning, as well as scorecards and graphical dashboards.


Essential conditions for the implementation of CPM systems are:

  • The use of advanced tools that allow the creation of indicators to monitor and manage financial performance and processes including budgeting, consolidation, planning and forecasting, disclosure management and reporting
  • the presence of a historical database built according to methodologies aimed at ensuring data consistency and quality, and data access modalities capable of ensuring high performance.


Our dedicated Competence Centre uses the business skills of Data Governance and is characterized by the following capabilities:


  • Analysis of planning and control needs.
  • Implementation of the main market solutions, Hyperion and/or Tagetik.
  • Support and assistance services.


Within the framework of software development we have significant technical skills and capabilities that enable us to offer vertical solutions for Customer Relationship Management and software products for the financial sector and large retailers, in particular, respectively, the 20% salary-backed loan (Cessione Quinto dello Stipendio, or CQS) and an Order Management System that uses mobile devices. These solutions are available in SaaS mode but also licenced for use at the Customer’s infrastructure.

We are able to develop “custom” systems based on the requirements expressed by the User and operating according to the most up-to-date management methods of the “software life cycle”.


Our skills allow us to operate on different technological platforms including IBM, Microsoft or Linux.


Our dedicated Competence Centre is characterized by the following capabilities:


  • Customer Relationship Management solutions for the sales force and agents/affiliates in the area (WebLeasing, X5-Salesforce).
  • X3-CRM for large multi-company and multi-channel call centres with customizable pre-sales processes and workflows, sales, after-sales support, knowledge base and assistance/ticketing.
  • CRM platform for the management of credit information and the monitoring of agents in financial activities.
  • Custom solutions and modules to be integrated with customer platforms (SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, etc.)
  • Implementation of “turnkey” systems on Microsoft and Open Source platforms, using methodologies, techniques and tools consistent with the “software life cycle


Offensive security practices allow identification of control failures through experimentation to build confidence in a system’s ability to defend against malicious conditions. An organization can gain a strategic advantage against malicious adversaries by proactively testing its security posture.


The main types of assessment services provided by HN Security are described below. If needed, they can be combined to provide the most suitable security assessment for each specific scenario.


  • Red Teaming – Advanced Adversary Emulation
  • Application Assessment – Web, Mobile, API, Client-Server, Chatbot, Voice Assistants
  • System Assessment – Active Directory, Servers, Cloud, Containers
  • Network Assessment – IP, VPN, Wi-Fi, VoIP, NFC/RFID, Bluetooth, LoRaWAN
  • IoT Assessment – IoT, Smart Devices, Access Controls, Video Surveillance
  • SCADA/ICS Assessment – SCADA/ICS, Critical Infrastructures
  • Banking/Fintech Assessment – Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, Mainframe, ATM
  • Platform Assessment – Design, Architecture, and Configuration Review

Consulting and system integration

isiway s.r.l. is the company in the Group specializing in Data Governance issues since its foundation around 20 years ago.


CRM, ERP e Mobile

matica net s.r.l. represents the “product company” specialized in the implementation of solutions and application / management.



HN Excellence S.r.l. set up in 2017, completes the offer in the field of ERP, focusing on solutions based on the SAP product.


Intelligent Information Management, iBPM

HN Digee s.r.l. is the group company focused to build and sell products and services to support Digital Transformation. Its strength is excellence in Intelligent Information Management projects


Offensive Security Specialists

HN Security is your new trusted cybersecurity partner, part of the Humanativa Group.

HN Social Care

HN Social Care is the company that operates in the social sector in support fragile categories through Telemedicine, Telesanity tools, mobile applications, artificial intelligence and urban assistance portals.









Large-Medium Account