established in 2017, completes the offer in the field of ERP, focusing on solutions based on the SAP product. Thanks to a group of professionals who have been working in this sector for a long time, it has the ambition to become, in a short time, a nationally recognized player on some specific modules. With expertise both at the technical as well as the functional level, moving from business administration and finance processes to logistics, personnel management and in particular Business Intelligence processes.

Following the evolutions of the SAP world, HN Excellence staff are developing skills on the SAP Fiori suite, which includes all the most used processes in the SAP world presented with a simple, intuitive and usable interface on every desktop, tablet and smartphone device.

Finally, in line with the Group’s “data-driven” vision, HN Excellence will shortly express its ability to combine the technical and functional activities specific to the traditional SAP ERP world, with the new SAP HANA, DATA HUB and VORA platforms respectively aimed at a columnar and in-memory database management system, allowing companies to overcome the complexity of their data systems and capitalize on high volumes of information from a growing number of sources, and finally a distributed in-memory computing solution that helps organizations discover business information that can be used by Big Data.