Knowing to innovate

We consider it our “business card” and the compass directing our activity, in all its various forms::

  • Knowing to innovate ourselves.
  • Knowing to innovate our clients.
  • Helping our clients to know and to get to know to innovate theirselves.

In order to always raise our offer and, consequently, the skills supporting it, we moved in a direction that will likely be in steady rise, since it will have to make us constantly discover new horizons. For this very reason, our laboratory has a division completely devoted to research and technological innovation.


We reinforced a mechanism thanks to which each member of the team brings ideas and innovations, all together contributing on one hand to always raise the skills of everyone, while on the other to allow us to propose to our clients new impulses and new initiatives.

Marco Ivaldi, Technical Director at HN Security On June 9th, I have given a brief speech...