HN Security, a proud member of the Humanativa Group, is a boutique company specializing in tailored offensive security services, with a primary focus on penetration testing, red teaming, and security by design.

Our team, guided by renowned cybersecurity pioneers with over 20 years of experience, is trusted by leading corporations both in Italy and abroad. Our experts cover a wide range of technologies, from legacy platforms to cutting-edge innovations. Our proven assessment methodology allows us to uncover and exploit vulnerabilities often overlooked by competitors.

At HN Security, we partner with our clients to define an actionable security strategy and deliver the most suitable, cost-effective services. These services allow us to proactively assess and strengthen your security posture, helping you gain a strategic advantage against malicious adversaries.

What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to quality and our ability to stand up to any challenge. If you’re looking to fortify your security and take your defenses to the next level, contact us to explore how HN Security can help safeguard your digital assets.


Our services

  • Red Teaming (Advanced Adversary Emulation)
  • Application Assessment (Web, Mobile, API, Client-Server, Chatbot, Voice Assistants)
  • System Assessment (Active Directory, Servers, Cloud, Containers)
  • Network Assessment (IP, VPN, Wi-Fi, VoIP, NFC/RFID, Bluetooth, LoRaWAN)
  • IoT Assessment (IoT, Smart Devices, Access Controls, Video Surveillance)
  • SCADA/ICS Assessment (SCADA/ICS, Critical Infrastructures)
  • Banking/Fintech Assessment (Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, Mainframe, ATM)
  • Platform Assessment (Design, Architecture, and Configuration Review)