Commini Group

Commini Group S.p.A., operates in various sectors investing in the research and implementation of specialized and innovative solutions to offer its customers, partners and generally to the market. The group is present in Italy and abroad since 1999 and its headquarters are based in Rome.

The Group’s market areas and fields concern airport services, renewable energy, sports teams, logistics/ tourism and communication. The most important focus of the group, however, is in the field of Information and Communication Technology (ICT).

This is the orientation that constantly guides the activities of the Humanativa Group and that the Innovation & Research competence centre transmits on a daily basis to the other technical areas, thanks to a continuous transfer of know-how through training sessions and direct participation in projects carried out for our customers.

HUMANATIVA is the competence HUB and the holding company, which controls and manages all the ICT activities of Commini Group S.p.A.
Specifically, the legal entities controlled by Humanativa Group S.r.l. are:

  • HN Digee S.r.l.
  • HN Excellence S.r.l.
  • HN Matica Net S.r.l.
  • HN Security S.r.l
  • HN Social Care S.r.l.

HUMANATIVA is registered in the Registro dei Portatori di Interesse of MISE (Ministero dello Sviluppo Economico).


Is the group company focused to build and sell products and services to support Digital Transformation.

Its strength is excellence in Intelligent Business Process Management projects.
HN Digee provides high-quality services for all organisations that want to increase the value of their Digital Assets.


ERP - Data Governance - Machine Learning

HN Excellence is the Humanativa Group’s competence HUB on the topics of Data Governance, Machine Learning and the ERP SAP and Oracle world. Its expertise has been gained over more than 20 years in various market sectors such as finance, healthcare, transport, public administration and utilities.


CRM, ERP e Mobile

HN Matica Net’s activity also stands out for its ability to strongly customize its products for each specific need of each customer, also quickly developing “custom” systems based on the requirements expressed by the customer, and operating according to the most up-to-date “software life cycle” management methods.


Offensive Security Specialists

HN Security is the company of Humanativa Group that provides tailored offensive security services. We enable our customers to gain a strategic advantage against malicious adversaries by proactively testing their security posture.


Application & AI - Sociale & Sanità

HN Social Care is the company part of the Humanativa Group dedicated to providing solutions and services aimed at the world of social fragility. By this term we mean anyone who needs to be supported in the difficulties of daily life, whether in a permanent or temporary condition.