HN Digee

HN Digee is the Humanativa Group company focused on the development of solutions to support Corporate Digital Transformation.

Specializing in intelligent information management projects, it offers quality services for organizations that wish to increase the value of their digital assets by developing applications centered on business processes and business.

It offers architectural and application consultancy services and develops end-to-end digital solutions, natively cloud-oriented and scalable.

HN Digee’s Digital Factory is able to work on the latest development technologies and on the entire application life cycle, from design, to development, to test and deployment, adopting the latest continuous development, integration & deploy (CD/CI/CD).

We favor Open Source solutions, but we are able to work at the same time on the most established market technologies, enhancing all the technological assets of our customers.

The development and orchestration of application services are the core of our solutions, but we dedicate just as much passion to the design of a User Experience strongly oriented to the business culture of our customers.



We developed the original intelligent Business Process Mgnt (iBPM) zoon framework, which allows our customers to reduce both costs and time to market for business process digitalization projects.

The zoon framework was natively designed to allow our customers to have a totally low code solution, which makes it possible to design and implement business processes with a simple drag&drop.

zoon integrates consolidated Open Source technologies within an attractive and effective User Interface, both for process designers and for the Customer’s end users.

zoon is offered in cloud subscription mode and can be completely configured based on the customer’s needs, in any industry and for any type of process.


HN Maticanet

We have a high level of expertise and technical capacity in software development, which allows us to offer specialised solutions in both Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) in various vertical markets that we have been familiar with for years.

Among the sectors in which we have specialised for some time are the financial sector (Article 106 and 107, brokers and banks), retail (B2C sales and customer service), the tyre sector for both large distributors and franchisee chains, and the management of long-term rental vehicle fleets.

Among our main products are: X5-Moneta and X5-Salesforce, financial platforms (ERP+CRM) specialised in salary assignment and work credits, the only ones today to have fully integrated CRM components, the accounting part and mobile app extensions; X3-CRM, a powerful multi-channel CRM system for remote sales and large-scale B2C customer service; AM-Webleasing, a CRM application dedicated to the management of franchisee chains for services in the automotive sector for vehicle fleets.


All our solutions are available both as SaaS (managed rental) and on-premise, through the sale of user licences that can also be installed at the customer’s infrastructure.


Our high-level support service allows customers direct access to specialists without loss of time and guarantees solutions meeting agreed SLAs up to Platinum level.

Compliance with Bank of Italy regulations and constant internal and external audits guarantee the highest level of IT security and compliance available on the specialised market today.

One of our strengths is our ability to highly customise our products for each specific customer need, and we can also rapidly develop custom systems based on the customer’s requirements, operating according to the most up-to-date software lifecycle management methodologies.