is the group company focused to build and sell products and services to support Digital Transformation. Its strength is excellence in Intelligent Information Management projects.
HN Digee provides high-quality services for all organisations that want to increase the value of their Digital Assets.
To compete in a Digital World, organisations need to integrate technology as a part of their business model and create value from an intelligence-information-flow.
HN Digee is a product company, focused to build digital epicentre (digit-gee), offering the best value and technology to the market and helping the company in the Digital transformation journey.
HN Digee believes that Digital Transformation begins with Intelligent Information Management.
HN Digee target is the organization that will achieve value from the Digital Transformation and are looking for a partner to plan the project, execute it and to have the best from People, Data and Information.
Digeers are technical lovers and business passionate.