HN Digee


It is the Group company dedicated to the development and sale of products supporting Digital Transformation and specialising in intelligent information and process management projects.

To compete in a digital world, organisations must integrate technology within their business models and create value from an intelligent flow of information.

HN Digee believes that Digital Transformation is about intelligent information and process management (iBPM).

HN Digee’s target audience is medium and large-sized companies where we act as a partner to plan and develop projects to get the best out of People, Data and Information.

Digeers are technology lovers and business enthusiasts.

zoon is the Intelligent Business Process Management platform developed by HN Digee that uses actionable and real-time insights to increase the orchestration and automation of business processes.

zoon makes it possible to model entities, information and rules, define their process and manage them through a self-produced, low-code application.


Use Cases

Cyber security
A hospital picks hn security to verify the network architecture
A pediatric hospital picks isiway to enhance its emergency services
Financial Services
A bank group picks hn maticanet to build a crm-erp
A social healthcare company picks isiway to modernize erp process
Application & Logistics
An italian sport federation picks hn digee to innovate document processes
Application & Logistics
A telematics company picks isiway to rationalize the data lake costs
Application & Logistics
A bank picks hn maticanet to build a product portfolio management solution
Air trasportation
An airport management company picks Isiway to improve user experience
Application & Logistics
An insurance company picks hn digee to manage its acounts receivable processes
A center of excellence in transplant picks isiway to move in cloud oracle