A social healthcare company picks isiway to modernize erp process

Use Case

The Challenge

A Territorial Social Healthcare Company has the institutional purposes of protecting and promoting the health of individuals and the community.

The customer has launched an ERP project whose goal is to optimize its operational, administrative and procurement processes, reducing maintenance costs and increasing quality.

The Solution

The Oracle ERP Cloud solution, in addition to having the advantage of being a quick solution, thanks to the considerable capabilities of the standard functions and the high degree of configurability that allows you to adjust the system without having to make consistent customizations, has the aim of bringing a simplification and standardization of business processes to Best Practices on the subject of production processes based on the so-called Oracle Modern Best Practices.

The Benefits

The project, which consists of a complete migration thanks to the Oracle Cloud solution, leads to a significant simplification of the processes and system architecture and, at the same time, to the reduction of the TCO (total cost of ownership) of the application solutions.

Humanativa’s role

HUMANATIVA, based on the experience and knowledge of Oracle application products and Oracle Cloud, in partnership with KPMG, supported ISMETT to simplify and standardize business processes and introduce a high level of security.


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A social healthcare company picks isiway to modernize erp process
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