HN Security

Offensive Security Specialists

HN Security is the company of Humanativa Group that provides tailored offensive security services. We enable our customers to gain a strategic advantage against malicious adversaries by proactively testing their security posture.

Our team brings together well-known cybersecurity pioneers with Italy’s best talents, trusted by the most important corporations both in Italy and abroad. We have specialists in every field of technology, from legacy platforms to the latest innovations.

Cybersecurity is not only our job. It’s our passion. The determination to stay up to date with technology trends and to research new attack and defense techniques bonded with the desire to share and collaborate with a global community of cybersecurity researchers, allows us to maintain the highest quality standards. We aim to partner with our customers to define an actionable security strategy and to provide them with the most suitable and cost-effective services.

We always strive for perfection. We do it by investing in training and in quality control processes, by reflecting on customer feedback, by learning from past experiences and by dedicating time and resources to research and development tasks. We hold the most important professional certifications, and we regularly speak at prestigious national and international events. We constantly discover, exploit, and report 0day vulnerabilities in commercial and open-source software. We develop and maintain globally adopted tools and methodologies. As experts we have published articles and books internationally.

Our proven assessment methodology allows us to discover and exploit vulnerabilities that are often overlooked by competitors. We take pride in the quality of our work and we stand up to any challenge.


Use Cases

Cyber security
A hospital picks hn security to verify the network architecture
A pediatric hospital picks isiway to enhance its emergency services
Financial Services
A bank group picks hn maticanet to build a crm-erp
A social healthcare company picks isiway to modernize erp process
Application & Logistics
An italian sport federation picks hn digee to innovate document processes
Application & Logistics
A telematics company picks isiway to rationalize the data lake costs
Application & Logistics
A bank picks hn maticanet to build a product portfolio management solution
Air trasportation
An airport management company picks Isiway to improve user experience
Application & Logistics
An insurance company picks hn digee to manage its acounts receivable processes
A center of excellence in transplant picks isiway to move in cloud oracle