HN Social Care

Application & AI - Sociale & Sanità

HN Social Care is the company part of the Humanativa Group dedicated to providing solutions and services aimed at the world of social fragility. By this term we mean anyone who needs to be supported in the difficulties of daily life, whether in a permanent or temporary condition. The definition of fragile categories includes a large percentage of the population considering the various disabling conditions such as disabilities, the consequences of numerous chronic diseases and old age.

HN Social Care was born from the awareness that the problems of everyday life afflict not only the fragile categories but also all those who with equal difficulty find themselves managing situations that without valid assistance often make it impossible to face everyday life. Our goal, through technology, is to create valid, innovative and intuitive support in addressing these issues. HN Social Care is able to offer, through the collection of data, a concrete development for what concerns the needs of fragile categories through Telemedicine, Telesanity tools, mobile applications and artificial intelligence. Our contribution will not only be addressed to the medical health sector but also to the urban planning sector with the creation of portals containing vast databases for the mapping of public and private structures to support fragile categories.

Our commitment is also educational, through universities and institutions for job placement. We provide consultancy in the social innovation sector with skills in the world of communication and technologies. We are proactive in implementing concrete solutions.


Use Cases

Cyber security
A hospital picks hn security to verify the network architecture
A pediatric hospital picks isiway to enhance its emergency services
Financial Services
A bank group picks hn maticanet to build a crm-erp
A social healthcare company picks isiway to modernize erp process
Application & Logistics
An italian sport federation picks hn digee to innovate document processes
Application & Logistics
A telematics company picks isiway to rationalize the data lake costs
Application & Logistics
A bank picks hn maticanet to build a product portfolio management solution
Air trasportation
An airport management company picks Isiway to improve user experience
Application & Logistics
An insurance company picks hn digee to manage its acounts receivable processes
A center of excellence in transplant picks isiway to move in cloud oracle