HN Matica Net

CRM, ERP e Mobile

HN MATICA NET’s activity also stands out for its ability to strongly customize its products for each specific need of each customer, also quickly developing “custom” systems based on the requirements expressed by the customer, and operating according to the most up-to-date “software life cycle” management methods.

Within the Humanativa Group MATICA NET S.r.l. is the “product company” specializing in the creation of solutions and application / management products on IBMMicrosoftOpen Source and Mobile technologies.

These features make Matica Net the backbone of the Software Application technical area characterized by an offer of Customer Relationship Management solutions aimed at the sales force and agents/affiliates in the area, and by solutions for the management of credit information and for monitoring agents in financial activities.


Use Cases

Cyber security
A hospital picks hn security to verify the network architecture
A pediatric hospital picks isiway to enhance its emergency services
Financial Services
A bank group picks hn maticanet to build a crm-erp
A social healthcare company picks isiway to modernize erp process
Application & Logistics
An italian sport federation picks hn digee to innovate document processes
Application & Logistics
A telematics company picks isiway to rationalize the data lake costs
Application & Logistics
A bank picks hn maticanet to build a product portfolio management solution
Air trasportation
An airport management company picks Isiway to improve user experience
Application & Logistics
An insurance company picks hn digee to manage its acounts receivable processes
A center of excellence in transplant picks isiway to move in cloud oracle