An automotive group bank picks Isiway to create a one company data vision

Use Case

The Challenge

A financial company launched an experiment on the revision of the Analytics component (2018) in a mode which is finally integrated between the Parent Company and all the subsidiaries of the Group’s constellation in order to allow business analysis both locally (single market) and cross market. The latter based on standards imposed by the parent company itself for a unified view of the market.

The Solution

The solution involves the construction of a Confederate DWH with information from about 50 source systems located in the various countries. The proposed architecture provides a three-level structure for analysis at market level: a staging area for the first collection of data from power sources, an “ODS” level that includes reunification logics, verification of data consistency and quality, and a level of “data mart” necessary to support Qlik Sense reporting.  The technologies used are the most advanced available on the market ensuring exceptional performance: the DWH is based on Greenplum, a database with Massive Parallel Processing architecture.

The Benefits

The customer use the data and the report to support directional decisions with visual analytics tools. The self-service data visualization permits to decentralize analysis and exploration allowing management discovering to gain business insight.

Humanativa’s role

HUMANATIVA deals with the realization of data schemes and data flow processing processes, based on the performing KPMG framework that processes the jobs and the chains defined in a table structure. Humanativa has already brought the Italian branch (the largest) to the new infrastructure and Cross-Market level. Spain, Portugal and migrate France and Poland will follow.


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